Here you can export all the data from the charts. Use it however you want, but REMEMBER TO CACHE. If you kill my server then there's no more data.

There are three flavors:

ICS (calendar format) BETA

Feed it directly to Google Calendar! You'll get weekly episodes.

What. How. Tell me.

Open Google Calendar and add a new calendar using the following URL:

You have to select "Add by URL" from the dropdown by "Other calendars".

What are the drawbacks?

The implementation of this thing is rather unsophisticated, so there are a couple of things:

I want only the anime I follow, not all this crap!

Sssssure. Just add &user=YOUR_MAL_USERNAME_LOWERCASE to the calendar URL. Mind, you'll get the anime you were following the last time you visited Senpai Anime Charts.

You can use this modifier with the plain text and JSON data exports too.

I'd like the simulcast airtimes when available!

Easy peasy. Just add &air=stream to the calendar URL. For series without a simulcast you'll still get the TV airtime.

You can use this modifier with the plain text and JSON data exports too.

Why the "BETA"?

Because I don't know how different calendar apps are going to react. I have only tested this with Google Calendar.

For what it's worth, the output validates iCalendar 2.0 strict.

Is it ever going to go out of "BETA"?


Plain text

For your reading/debugging pleasure. Go ahead.

JSON (data format)

JavaScript Object Notation. This thing is good for further data processing. You can grab the episode data or the raw data used to output the chart for the current season.

But really, do remember to cache your accesses.

What are all the calls?

There's no API keys or auth, just grab the data you want. It'd be cool to let me know, though. The calls are:

Attribution would be nice too.

I don't know what the hell this is!

S'okay, ignore it, it's nerd stuff.

But I'm a nerd too!

Aren't we all.

I'm having trouble / I want something that's not here

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